error handling

I have a problem, I would like to know what service should be used to handle errors such as when a document is not sent on TN, you must send an email to a person or when the “processing rule” is not well run, send an email alert

placing TN routing service in appropriate Try/Catch sequence will ensure the flow goes into the catch block whenever exception is thrown by the routing service. How to handle error in the catch block is upto you.

TN processing rule is never ran or is never executed. Processing rules specify how you want Trading Networks to process documents. For example, you might want Trading Networks to send an alert e-mail message to a contact, and then deliver the document to the receiver that is identified in the document.
For each document that Trading Networks is to process, it performs a processing rule
lookup to determine which processing rule to use for a specific document. After Trading Networks finds the appropriate processing rule for a document, it performs
the pre-processing and processing actions. It at all there no processing rule defined which matches the criteria, Trading Networks select default processing rule. So processing rule as such will never go into an error.

Although there might be cases in which processing rule is not able to execute the processing service. e.g the flow service is renamed or deleted. I am not sure how this kind of exception be handled in TN.

in my example I have to send in a TN-type xml, I get a message and I do the conversion in a flow called “ReceiveTN”


and after I sent in TN using routexml, I want to create a mail notification is sent to a person for example if I do not step “stringtonode”
If I do not do this step of converting the flow Receive_TN “is not executed and in this case I want to send a notification mail using” pub.client: smtp "


Can you be more clear…

If you want to send an error email for in case of any flow steps throws exception, includes those flow steps in try / catch sequence. Simple search on forums and on advantage will give more details about exception handlings.