Error FDT mismatch and option NEW_FDT not set

i am in Adabas Workbench windows,
i will use compress a file OK with fdt-file-structure

i will use load with file created by compress

with error:
FDT mismatch and option NEW_FDT not set

But, the file FDT is new and empty in Adabas.

Why this error?

In Workbench dont have option “NEW_FDT” only in prompt command “ADAMUP”.

You get this error to avoid that you unintendedly load data in a file with a different FDT.

With the workbench you can use the following workaround:

  • Delete the file.
  • Recreate the file with the correct FDT.

I did not understand was that I had just created the file before running the load.

Which FDT did you use to create the file - may be there are slight differences to the FDT of the ADAMUP file?

Yes, it was the same, equal.
By this I do not understand why it shows this option new_fdt.