Error Encountered: Installing Tamino API for .NET 4.1.5


I’ve successfully downloaded Tamino API for .NET 4.1.5 from this forum. I am facing the following when trying to install it:

After selecting the setup type “Complete”, I got a pop-up with the message, “The software which you are trying to install will only work properly with an installed Tamino Server version 4.1.1. You can install this software in a separate directory using the Custom option or abort.”

Strangely, when I select the setup type “Custom”, I am faced with the same error message.

Below is information about my platfrom:

OS: Windows XP Professional

Server Info:
Database: http://localhost/tamino/welcome_4_2_1
Databse Status: is alive
Webserver: (Microsoft-IIS/5.1)
Language/Charset: en / utf-8

Your help is appreciated.

If you have a Tamino 4.2 installation why would you want a .NET API that would have shipped with Tamino 4.1?

Tamino 4.2 has its own .NET API installation.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know that :oops:

No problem.

The documentation for the .NET API can be found under:

Documentation Overview ->
Tamino APIs ->
Tamino API for .NET

The left hand side documents are an overview.
The right hand side documents are reference/advanced.

Programming with the Tamino API for .NET should provide a good introduction/overview of how to use the API.