Error enabling adapter notification

I’m trying to enable the my update adapter notification and i get the following error:

[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:enableCallback notification DPW_SAGE.adapters.DBNotification:sagePaymentUpdate.
[ADA.1.349] Execution of DDL query of Notification failed during enable/disable. Please check the datatypes of columns selected in notification.
Column name ‘WM_ROWID’ does not exist in the target table or view.

attached is the screen shot of my adapter


which type of database are you using?

Are there any BLOB- or CLOB-Columns selected in the notification?
If so remove these from the notification.
You can then use a simple select statement to read them while processing the notified document by using a unique column being present in the notification.