Error during Process Model Deployment

While deploying a process model via deployer, i get the following error message during simulation:

com.wm.deployer.common.DeployerException: com.wm.deployer.common.DeployerException: An exception occurred while performing an invoke of the service: "wm.deployer.Plugin.DeployerPlugin:DeployObjectsWithVarsub". Exception details follow: " Error remote invoking service wm.deployer.NewPlugin.DocLit.DeployerPluginDocLit_.connectors:DeployerPlugin2_DeployObjectsWithVarsub on system mybpmserver: Error while writing to the OutputStream. "

On the target server, i can see the WmDeployer and WmDeployerResource packages installed, so what could be the cause of this error ? I can also see the webservice connector “wm.deployer.NewPlugin.DocLit.DeployerPluginDocLit_.connectors:DeployerPlugin2_DeployObjectsWithVarsub” but dont see the flow/java service that it is invoking “wm.deployer.Plugin.DeployerPlugin:DeployObjectsWithVarsub”, in the target IS.
Another thing that i observe is that although i see the WmDeployer package in the packages->management view, i do not see the package listed in the Support > webMethods Packages and Updates (via the About page). In the package’s detail page, i can see all the services and fixes installed as well. Not sure if these two issues are related.

Fixes are same across the source and target servers, and this error occurs only when deploying process models, i do not get it when deploying IS services.

IS v8.2.2
WmDeployer - Fix10 (Installed)
WmDeployerResource - Fix10 (Installed)


Install the fix level DEP_8.2_SP2_Fix18 and retest.