error during data retrieval

I have to retrieve data from the database so i created a adapter service to do that. When i execute it i am able to see the data in the pipeline but its throwing an error. Please help me in this.
error is
Could not run ‘select’. [ART.117.4018] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Error while closing transactions at service completion


Hi Jay

Most probably the error might be when closing of the connections involved in a successful transaction.

I am not exactly sure how to solve this issue as it directs me to contact the webMethods Support center.


Hi Jay,

Are you using any transaction management services ? e.g. startTransaction,commitTransaction,rollbackTransaction

Puneet Saxena

Hi Jay,
If you want to retrieve data from the database and not make any DB update/insert, create the DB connection as NO_TRANSACTION and use that connection in your adapter service.