Error creating Triggers in DB2 on AS400

i’m trying to create update and insert notifications on a DB2 AS/400 Database using the Enterprise Server’s JDBC Adapter

First i’ve tried this against a DB2 on Windows NT and i’ve no problems with that.

The problem raised for webMethods is:

 webMethods raise and error trying to Insert into a table called WMS_AdapterName_ConfiguredOperation  

 where :  
   Adapter Name is the name of the JDBC Adapter 
  ConfiguredOperation is the name of the Configured Operation that creates the trigger 

error : java.sql.SQLException : [SQL7008] WMS_F00001 in Database is not valid for this operation

Thanks in advance

This error means that the file needs to be journalled.There is some comit and rollback being used internally (may ne in adapter)and hence the error (since the file is not journalled)

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Thanks, solve this problem is very important for me

Could you give me more information? I’m looked for journalled in webmethods but i don’t find anything

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Journalling is on AS400 side.It is not in webmethods.You will have to journal the database file before you can use it in webmethods.Journalling on AS400 is used to identify changes to database files like file open,inserts,updates and other database operations.You should have the journal and Journal receiver created before you start journalling a physical file.

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thanks for all

i’ve journalled the files in AS/400 DB2 but i get the same error

The journal and journal receiver have been created

Have anyone another idea?

Thanks in advance