Trigger Problems with JDBC adaptor on DB2/AS400


I am using the JDBC adapter to implement once and only once notification on my DB2 tables.

I have configured the operation (update notification) and component. When I run the adapter in debug mode the trigger �seems� to be put onto the table (the c-scripts get created and sent to the AS400, the shadow tables are created) but it does not ever �seem� fire.

Has anyone successfully created and integration using triggers in the DB2/AS400 environment?

Anyone encounters the same problem and if yes, what was the solution?

Any suggestion as to how I may trouble-shoot this problem (adapter in debug mode does not report any errors and I am not that familiar with DB2/AS400 tools)?

Thanks in advance,


We have not used JDBC driver, but we have done notification on DB2/AS400 using ODBC adapter and basic notification.
In DB2 on AS/400 Release5, the triggers are not similar to triggers in Oracle where we can have standard SQL embedded. We have to 1st define separate code to do the task required to be done in trigger and then in CREATE TRIGGER statement attach this code to the table. AS/400 documentation for this readily available on ibm site.
Since the create trigger functionality is not standard, therefore we cannot use INSERT or Update notification templates. Insterad we have to use basic notification.
Create a buffer table in DB2 manually.
Create trigger in DB2 to insert into buffer table after insert or update to the required table.
Then define basic notification that select data from buffer table. There is a check-box for deleting data from buffer table after processing.
This basic notification will then provide the insert or update notification.