Error connecting to IS from MWS

Hello All,

I developed a process model on designer and deployed it successhully on IS.
I intend to monitor it from MWS, but MWS is not able to connect to the IS.
Below is the process I followed:

  1. Installed MWS and IS.
  2. Configured database components.
  3. Created JDBC Pools for ISCore Audit, Process Audit and Process engine.
  4. Developed process model from designer.
  5. Deployed process model on logical server (I can see the package has got created on IS for the Process model ).
  6. Logged on to MWS using Administrator/manage credentials.
  7. Went to Administrator>My webMethods>System Setting panel.
  8. Used INTEGRATION SERVER (MONITOR) HOST --> localhost and Port --> 6666 (IS is running on this port ).
  9. But when I click Check Server Status the MWS shows the IS is not connected.

As the MWS is not connecting to IS I am not able to advance further with monitoring.

Can you please let me know if I have missed something.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashish Bhatia

Hi Ashish,

Give a trial using system name instead of localhost in the HOST tab.


Have you set the MWS parameters on the http://localhost:6666/WmMonitor/