Error at DB Component Configurator during installation

Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I couldn’t find a forum area specific to installation issues.

I have logged an SR for this… but no results so far.

I am doing a “from scratch” installation of webMethods 7.1.1, on a pristine Windows 2003 SR2 server with MS SQL Server 2005.

The database configurator GUI throws the following error when I use it to try to create users and databases:

I have turned on the debug logging mode, and its full output is below.

Note that if I create the user and databases manually, it seems to work ok. A reasonable response to that might be “well, what’s the problem?!”.

My concerns are
a) I’m documenting a repeatable process for DEV, TEST and PROD environments, and the automated approach would be easiest for someone else to follow.

b) when an installation doesn’t work entirely as expected, I’m always a little worried that things aren’t quite as they should be (either with the environment I’m installing on, or the app I’m installing). So I’d really like to know why this error occurs so that the problem can be rectified (or at least, understood).

I am attempting to install individual components seperately, but I get the same basic “Illegal group reference” error regardless of if I select to configure individual components, by product, or ALL.

Any help from the experts out there would be most graciously appreciated!!

Thanks for your time!


Hi All,

Hope this post helps someone in future (I rarely get to help others because I’m to busy asking for help! :)).

I found the problem:

I was using “special” characters in the password field. It turns out that the DB Component Configurator doesn’t properly handle $ or = symbols in the password field.

Determined this through trial and error, and passed the info back on to webMethods via the SR… so they’ll either fix and/or document this issue apparently.


Hi Sepster,

Nice Observation.


This just saved me a ton of time. Thanks for posting the solution.

hi all
iam getting when run dcc in oracle on windows…local system only…
help me plase…

  • Executing action
  • Action : create
  • Database : Oracle
  • Component : storage
  • Component version : latest
  • URL : Oracle: jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE
  • User : wmpool

  • create Database Component: Storage STR

  • Versions
  • Version: oracle 26 (7.1SP2Fix1)
  • Scripts create
  •   Script(1): C:\webMethods7\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_tablespaces.sql
  •   Script(2): C:\webMethods7\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_user.sql

  • Database Connection error: No suitable driver
    CDC Error: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

      Database component configurator summary

Date : Sat Feb 19 12:24:31 PST 2011
Database : Oracle
User : wmpool
Action : create

any body help ple…

Try to put in URL only: jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE

hi iam trying that once also but it gives same error like previously…
URL is : jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE
ple give me more than this…