Error Appearing in Error Log 2 times

When I get an exception in a flow I am seeing the error logged to my Error Log 2 times. Once with the [] and then one with just the message. See below for example. Any assistance in helping me limit it to logging the error only once would be great.

[ISS.0088.9112] An Exception was thrown in the server:Customer Number not found.

Customer Number not found.

This seems to be a custom exception… not particularly a IS server relate

Can you please elaborate your flow and error handling what you are trying to do?


What we are doing is getting a web request in and invoking a Natural Adapter and then returning the result to the user. The error below is coming out of the Natural program. I get a return code, error message, error field, error number and error location returned from the natural programs. In my program flow I am branching on the Return code returned from the natural program and if I find one that is a P or E (which this one is) I Exit the flow with the text of the error message I got from the natural program returned as the failure message. Then in my logs I get one message that just has the content of the error message returned from the Natural program and I also get the one that has the “[ISS.0088.9112] An Exception was thrown in the server:” in front of it.

Thanks for the response


Can you please contact SAG support or check Empower KC articles regarding Natural Adapter issues as this could br really coming from Natural server?

After I saw your post I tried to isolate it to being related to the natural adapter or not so I would have more data when I contacted SAG support. I eliminated the step in my flow that invokes the Natural Adapter and I still ended up with the same result (2 messages) only with a different error message. So it looks like it is not coming from the Natural Adapter. I also cannot recreate the 2 error messages getting logged while debugging or running in designer. I only get the duplicate messages when I get a call from an client.

sure…can you please upload some screen shots for more clarity on whats going on in your flow?

Sure thing…I attached a screenshot of my flow. Let me know if I can provide any more information or if you have any suggestion to test out.

So it going in the false sequence and then signalling error ($default) or outside $default sequence?

At “BRANCH on /errorFlag” it is going into “false:Sequence”. Then on the “BRANCH on /outRec/ERROR-OUT-V1/RETURN-CODE” it is going into the “$default EXIT $flow and signal FAILURE” because the return code in this instance is ‘E’.

got it…

But the error you seeing is “Customer Number not found.” returned from the Natural adapter service do you know what data you are sending request and target cannot find the expected value and thus exception with E.

When I looked at the IS code you are getting it is related to SOAP call errors on the Empower KC…

So can you check with SAG if they can help more on this IS returned exception code ISS.0088.9112?



Were you able to resolve this or any inputs from SAG?

I opened a ticket with them last week and sent them traces and other data. I will post the resolution once I get it from them.

good deal …thanks!