Error adding new profile using tnprofileaddProfile

I want to add a TN Profile List using flow tn.profile.addProfile

I have tried to create a document based on profile instance, but doesn´t work and receive the following error message: <exmlexception>
<info>Could not add partner profile for <null>.</info>

Do anybody have idea how to fix this?


To use that service, one must first create an object of class You can do that by calling or by using the Java API. Would suggest a thorough reading of all the profile services before venturing too far down this path. I assume also that there is a strong reason to create custom services (you risk messing up your TN DB) to do this rather than simply using TN Console.

Hi Evandro,
It works at my machine(Developer 6.1 + IS6.1)

  1. Create a new External ID using ‘’, set the IDType to ‘1’(which is DUNS) and ExternalID to the username that you want to be created.
  2. Create a new profile(
  3. Append the externalID to the new profile.
  4. In the new profile, set the profile/Corporate/Status=‘Active’;profile/Corporate/CorporationName=‘Your Corp Name’; profile/Corporate/Type=‘TNPartner’
  5. Use to add the new profile into TN.

Tip: use to see the values of the profile you created manually in TN.

– Yul


Thank you for your help. I have follow your suggestions and it did work.

Rob Eamon,

I need to use this service to import a Company List profile from other Application and I don´t want to add one by one thru TN Console.


That’s a good strong reason! Automation is a Good Thing!