Error: 87 in call HttpOpenRequest

We are developing an application that download non-xml (jpeg images) documents from Tamino 3.1.4 database to hard disk and then upload them to Tamino 4.2.1 with update kit 5 database.

When we just upload about 3000 images then the function call “SetNonXmlWithFilenameNonXml” return the following error:

Code Error: 87
Message: The parameter is incorrect in function call HttpOpenRequest

We are sure that all images documents are correct.

Thanks in advanced.

For some reason the HttpOpenRequest call has failed. Almost certainly has nothing to do with your images. Possibly a comms failure?

Do you get an error response document on the failing call that has slightly more detail?

I just ran a test with a few thousand uploads to localhost and it appeared to work OK. How big are your files?

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Bill Leeney pointed out to me that this error may be possible if the URI/filename to be uploaded had a “special” character in it.