Error 0078 0259 - No related TOQ entry

Also posted this to SAG-L so I apologize if some of you have seen the question before.

Does anyone know what this error means?

Documentation says:
00780259 No Related TOQ Entry
Explanation EntireX Broker has detected an error in TOQ structures.
Action Contact your Software AG technical support representative.

I’ve contacted support. They’ve told me to upgrade (which we are actively trying to do with all of our SAG products) or if that’s not possible to apply patch level 50 (which was already applied) and all subsequent hot fixes. They’ve said there is no guarantee that doing the latter will resolve the issue.

This happened one time for one application service. The service has since been restarted and has not received the error again.
I cannot tell what caused the error. I cannot find anything about TOQ except that it means timeout queue.

I’m being asked what the root cause of the problem was. Any ideas on where to look or what to look for?


z/OS 1.10
EXX 7.2.1
WCP 5.9.1
ADA 7.4.4
NAT 4.2.1

This error occurs if the Broker detects an inconsistency in its internal data structures.

It is rather difficult to tell what caused that error. Heavy load / parallelism could be one reason but that’s probably not the only one.

Hi Rolf,

Heavy load is most likely not the issue. CPU use overall was about 35% at the time and the CPU use on the started task for the broker service was minimal. Database CPU at that time was around 1%. I can’t measure what was coming in from the client side at that time (I don’t have access to their servers) so I can’t say for sure how many requests were being sent at the time.

I’m not sure what is meant by parallelism. Do you mean processing the same request more than once at the same time?

It was mentioned to me that the client has another broker service running under a userid (as a long-running job not a started task) but that is supposed to be running against a different broker nucleus and executing the Natural program on a different FUSER. Does that count as parallelism? I wouldn’t think it is but I’m pretty confused by all this stuff as it is…


Hi Deb,

this error comes from the Broker so it has only to do with this Broker. It is a completed different scenario when the client application talks to 2 different Brokers.

With parallelism I mean that your are running multiple Broker workers and the workers are processing multiple request or replies at the same time.