Erorr Handling with out using try/catch mechanism

Hello All,

How to achieve error handling mechanism with out using standard try/catch mechanism in wM.
Please help me out.

any particular reason for avaoiding try/catch?

you can review the Event Manager, especially look into Exception Event.
You can create a generic Exception handler to deal with all Exceptions generated by either flow or Java services.

in my test, if there is no try-catch, event manager couldn’t catch the exception.

  • WM v7.1.3
  • Exception Event

Hi Prem,

In that case use single sequence - with exit property set as “Done”. and in the sequence steps where actually you are going to invoke other app services/adapter servers - right after that step invoke “getLastError” service and based on the lastError- Exit or continue the flow. (i know this seems to be a silly option :frowning: )

Mohit K