Eone adapter shows outofmemory exception while calling stan

Eone adapter shows outofmemory exception while calling standard BSFN

I am getting OutofMemory Exception in their adapter occasionally and the
adapter dies after a while, works only after it is restarted.
It does not look like Garbage collection threads issue, could be a different issue.
Checked all the basic config stuff and other things. Need help.

at com.wm.app.b2b.server.invoke.ServiEAIE1mPSOrderConsume.adapterServices:callN5500433
2006-03-15 00:19:19 CST WMERROR 7b728480b3eb11dab60e97d12c2ca88aNULL 7b728480b3eb11dab60e97d12c2ca88a1142403559609 btbib31.mmm.com:9340 [ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection to resource EAIE1mPSOrderConsume.adapterConnections:E1mPSOrderConn.

BasicData:message=null,date=Wed Mar 15 00:19:17 CST 2006,reason=null
,exceptionClass=javax.resource.ResourceException,stack=javax.resource.ResourceException: null


Sounds like you should open an SR with webMethods or Oracle, depending on who sold you the EO adapter.

What is the version of the Adapter. Check and see if you have all the Fixes applied. Also can you reproduce this in another environment? Out of Memory is also caused if you are using Native code like SAP Adapter, OCI driver etc. Make sure that is not causing an issue.

I agree, open a ticket with webMethods Support to find root cause.