EOFException in Developer Login

getting java.io.EOFException while traying to login in developer

Hello Akash,

Please share us more details on this issue and confirm the below details to help you.

  1. Any recent migration took place ?
  2. Any code copied from remotes servers to Prod ?
  3. Which IS version are you using ?
  4. Since when you have been experiencing this issue ?
  5. Share error log file


Hey Akash,

You need to reboot the server, to resolve the issue.


No migration,
No code copied
I am using wm 7.1.2

Restart your IS please.

If no joy redo your installation. It should work :slight_smile:

Restarted and re-installed, but getting same eror.

Can you have a look at the logs please.

Worth looking at the this


Let me know if you still face issues.

I have faced similar problem once, and below was the fix suggested by support… If your OS is AIX, this info might help you to fix the issue…