Environment Refresh

Hi All,

We have a situation where we need to refresh our staging webMethods environment with production every night.

Our custom database is refreshed everynight but since webMethods is not refreshed the tasks/process instances go out of since with the data.

Is there a way to automate webMethods database refresh ?

It involved complexities like retaining :

  1. Staging users/roles/groups
  2. Passwords
  3. CAF Parameteres
  4. Other configuration data


This is achievable. We did after lot of r&d… SAG should come up with a document on this…

since configurations (like passwords) are stored in different table and transactions in different, it is possible to implement. But huge level of customization would be required.
It would be nice feature to have, atleast for TN and Process Model transactions.


Well we required it for Process Model as well as Task database.
Password are easy to maintain.

Take a backup of MWS passwords tables and after refresh populate them back with the backup. This way the passwords are restored back.

For items like CAF configurations, take an export before refresh activity and then import them back after refresh. This can be automated as MWS will redeploy anything which is “touched” (Unix touch) and is kept in deploy directory with autoDeploy setting set to enabled.