EntireX Orchestrator and SonicMQ

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In the Parters List of SAG, it is mentioned that "…EntireX Orchestrator was one of the first application integration products to deploy JMS and SonicMQ as the underlying messaging model…"

Can any one tell me from where this integration adapter for EntireX Orchestrator and SonicMQ (if at all any) could be downlodable.

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That is correct. Software AG’s EntireX Orchestrator uses Sonic MQ as the messaging model. Software AG does not make a downloadable version of EntireX Orchestrator available. However, EntireX XML Mediator which is also part of the EntireX integration suite is available for download at http://www.softwareag.com/entirex/download/default.htm

With EntireX XML Mediator a Java servlet which interacts with the Sonic MQ queue can participate in an XML sequence.