EntireX Mini Runtime as a Windows service

I would like to set up EntireX Mini Runtime as Windows service. Is this possible and if so how is it done?

I know how to set up a service using MS tools, what I am looking for is a proven solution

Will appreciate any assistance



You are addressing two topics, so its not clear what you are after. Are you looking to set up a server or a client application?

You can configure any EntireX Windows RPC Server as a Windows Service as documented in the Administration section (file:///C:/Program%20Files/Software%20AG/EntireX/Docu/admin/windows/ops/rpcserv.htm#Running_the_Server_as_a_Windows_Service). As a server manager, the Windows Service program expects to start a server program (and so could start any program), but the “stop” function issues EntireX Broker calls to deregister (shutdown) the server it started: this would not make sense in the context of a client program.

The Mini Runtime is intended for a client installation, to package with an application for deployment with a setup program, avoiding the need for a separate install of EntireX on the target machine.