EntireX Application Monitoring - Callback User Exit

Hi, I’m starting to look at the “Application Monitoring” in EntireX 10.5 and it is not clear to me how to develop my own User Exit Callback to specify in the parameter “entirex.appmondc.callback.class” of the file “entirex.appmondc.properties” and I couldn’t find a JAVA class that came ready to test.
Could anyone help me with some example of that User Exit or more detail than what is read in the “webMethods EntireX Application Monitoring Version 10.5”?
Best regards.

Do you had a look into the EntireX Documentation? It is not really clear to us what you reference with “webMethods EntireX Application Monitoring Version 10.5”? In the EntireX documentation 10.5 the callback user exit is described under: “Application Monitoring > Setting Up Application Monitoring > Callback User Exit”
In the EntireX documentation 10.7 refer to “Monitoring EntireX > Related Literature > Other > Application Monitoring > Setting Up Application Monitoring > Callback User Exit”.

I apologize if I have not been clear when asking. Indeed, I have read the documentation for EntireX 10.5 (it is the one I was referring to) and now I have also taken a look at the EntireX 10.7, but I still do not clarify my doubts.
Does anyone have a simple Callback User Exit that they can provide me as an example or know where I could find an example?
Thanks again for the help.

Here is an example implementation of a data collector callback user exit:
DataCollectorTest.java (1.3 KB)
Regards Bernhard

Thank you very much Bernhard!
Undoubtedly, your example will be of great help to me.
Best regards.

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