Introduction to EntireX

I would like to know if there is a good documentation that can show us the concepts of EntireX. We want to use EntireX to read text files from a server and update our mainframe.


it sounds like a valid use case.
I am not so sure if you will find this as a common scenario in the EntireX docu.

You may check out
to get into it.

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Sorry to resurrect this thread.

I would like to access this information as a client is requiring to extend the uses of some core mainframe applications written in NATURAL to web environments. My research led me to this API. But I cannot find any technical information whatsoever besides some presentations.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Fernando,
it is not clear to me what you are looking for.
The EntireX documentation is available in the Tech Community.


Thanks for your answer, below in my quote you will find the information which I’m trying to access (but failing to do so).

I got a

"Server Error 403

Access forbidden

Access to the requested resource has been denied "

So I’m guessing I need a special account to check this out.

Are you able to access this one: ?


Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not able to access that one either. Same error.

Fernando ,

check here:'productdocmovecomplete'

You have to add documentation as an area of interest in your profile. If you don’t get access to the documentation and/or no reply contact


I cannot add documentation as an área of interest, the checkbox is grayed out.

Thanks for your efforts, I’ll send an email to that address which you pointed to me.