ENtire X requirements

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Natural adabas ENtire X on Linux
ADabas NAtural on Windows

What are trying to achieve? Please descibe in detail.

Customer is doing RPC call with Entire X to the linux server to access adabas data on the Linux server the ENtire X with a broker running on LInux. this works. they would now like to do it the other way round and do call to Windows for data from the Adabas / Natural application running remotely. they only have ADabas and Natural installed on all the windows server. i have shown the we can do this with ADATCP/ Entire Net-work but they want to look at an Entire X solution as well. would they need a full Entire X or just a runtime on the windows servers…

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

The short answer is: You’ll need to contact your Software AG Account manager!
EXX has been sold in various setups over the years.

But from a technical point of view it is piece of cake.
When you have the IDL file in Designer (EXX or ONE perspective) you simply select Natural/Generate RPC-client and you have a working Subprog and also test-program.

yes that works currently on the windows box they don’t have Entire X or a broker to call.

Any reason why you couldn’t use the broker on Linux ?

Regarding the right to use the windows exx client - again check with contract/account manager :wink:

Hi Finn

This is what I am trying to establish before I talk to the account manager on what software the customer needs. How would a call be made from the Linux Natural application to the natural application on Windows if there is no Entire X installed on the windows.


So you will need to start a Natural RPC-server on Windows, which could connect to the Broker on Linux.
For starting a Natural RPC-server you will need a parameterfile where you specify that it should start as an RPC-server under a specific name and to which broker it should connect.
When you have created the parmfile then start it …

To start a Natural RPC server under Windows

  1. Create a shortcut for Natural.
  2. Enter the shortcut properties.
  3. In the Target text box, edit the Natural path and append:
    “\natural.exe” batchmode parm=serverparm
    where serverparm is the name of the parameter file.

I haven’t checked if the newer versions of natural requires a licensefile for the EXX-client Stub like the java stub does, but up until recently it was part of the standard installation.

Hope that was enough for your “pre-contact” investigation :wink:

Thank you will give it a bash

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