Enterprise profile unable to activate

i have created an enterprise profile but in the second step after entering the DUNS value, i left the address,city and province fields empty. after the creation of the profile i get an error while i try the activation of this profile. the other thing is i am unable to edit these fields of address.

these are the error messages that appear when i click to activate the profile

(1) Status was not changed to Active because the profile has the following errors :

(2) Acme1 Address 1: Address is required…

(3) Acme1 Address 1: City is required…

(4) Acme1 Address 1: State/Province is required…


Hi Bobbili,

                         Once u created the Enterprise Profile, there is no chance of creating it once again.better u edit the fields, then re-enter it,then save it. 

i hope u can get it.

thanks, i previously did not notice the edit-buttons of the address fields.