Enterprise Integrator to develop Integration components in wM 601


  1. How to develop Integration Folders,Components and document in wM 6.0.1 ?
  2. Enterprise Integrator of earlier versions will work with wM 6.0.1 Broker?


  1. In webMethods 6.0.1 you no longer have the Enterprise Integrator. All integrations are built using the Developer tool in Flow. Instead of Components, you will build Flow services. The concepts of Folders and Documents is there in 6.0.1.

  2. Yes, EI is supposed to be compatible with 6.x Broker. I have not tried this yet though.

If you have custom adapters or certain application adapters your only option is to use EI until they can be ported to ADK 6.x.

I would encourage you to visit the webMethods Advantage site and play back some of the 6.x release info sessions or read the FAQs. They should answer some of your questions.

Plus, there is a thread on wmUsers for wm6.0 which would be a better place to pose these types of questions.


In Webmethods Integration Server 6.0 you cannot create Integration Folders, Configured Operations.You have to do all the stuff using flow services,Adapter services,Writing Triggers for subscibing the documents.I guess Webmethods is going to provide an upgrade utility in couple of months.With the help of that utility you can convert all your configured operations into flow services etc…

Hi Guest,

You can acheive the same what you 'ld in earlier versions… but only the diference is component appearence and naming convensions are changed little…

The best way to start and understand the webMethods 6.X.X is, refer the following pdf… I believe this is a good start after installing your s/w.