Encryption Options


We have implemented Webmethods recently and are working on a project for Credit Card Order Processing flow through Webmethods. We want to do the following:

  1. Encrypt Credit Card data flowing into webmethods.
  2. Encrypt Credit Card data in TN DB.

We are looking for 3DES encryption.
What are our options. If anybody has implemented this, could you post the package or service details.


It’s not very clear what you are asking. Are the CC data coming through web pages or through XML documents? Is this going to be a B2B or B2C scenario? Please elaborate.

Normally when you’re talking about 3DES encryption, you’re talking about symmetric key encryption, where both partners are using the same key to encrypt/decrypt. Is that what you want (i.e. Sending knows what the decrypting key is)? More specifically, every partner might know what other partner’s using as encryption key? As I said, please elaborate on your scenario…