encoding of ' in TaminoResult


Any one come across this problem of encoding of ' in TaminoResult object;

Let me explain about this. I am trying to selecting a single node the parameters are passed (OutNode which is a having html tag, String which is “xyz/html”).

which is following part

org.w3c.DOM.Node node = org.apache.xpath.XPathAPI.selectSingleNode(outNode, str);

Once you have this node I want to convert to XMLString object so that it remains with tag. While doing that it encode ’ to ' in content.

TaminoResult tr1 = new TaminoResult(tamino);
String selectstr = tr.toXmlString(node);

has any one come across following problem? Your answer to this will be great help.

Thanks for taking your time.


As far as I can see this behaviour is ok.

toXMLstring means what it says. That is to say convert to a XML string. In XML ’ may be escaped as &pos; " as " etc. The only reason it may be wrong is if you get something like this

Then soemthing has gone wrong.

If you want the text value of a text node you must apply the method getNodeValue()

for an element containing only text it is something like


what does your XML string look like?

I am running a servlet & Saxon 5.5 Parser to extract instance from Tamino 2.3.1.

AS I mention in my previous mail that I am doing a select Single node which produces following Text node with proper apos in System.out

Washington, D. C. Allison’s father

When I am trying to apply XMLString it produces following result in Browser.

Washington, D. C. Allison's father

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks for your reply.