Encoding issue with Russian Characters

I am facing an issue regarding russian character decoding.
The response of a http post call is converted to string in byteToString wM service and the encoding is set as UTF-8 in byteToString.
But the russian characters is the xml file is showing as 77|2|Ð�Ð�Ð?Ð�СТÐ�РСТÐ�Ð� Ð�Ð�Ð Ð?Ð�Ð�Ð�ХРÐ?Ð?Ð�Ð?Ð�Я Ð� СÐ�ЦÐ�Ð?Ð�ЬÐ?Ð�Ð�Ð� Ð Ð?Ð�Ð�Ð�ТÐ�Я РФ.
I have tried with other encoding like Cp1251,UTF16 but with no luck.
Please note that other data in the xml is coming fine.
Please guide how to resolve these russian character issue.

Hi Sana,

Please try using encodings KOI8-R or ISO-8859-5 and check if it helps you …


HI,I have checked with both the mentioned encoding and still not getting the russian characters.Thanks