Embed a powerBi report with Row Level Security

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we are using the powerBi widget plugin (GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-power-bi-widget-plugin: This widget helps to display reports from Power BI. Developed by Global Presales. ) to show the imbedded report. We want to add Row Level Security to our report to filter the data based on our customer inventory role! After adding RLS, I am getting an access token error. I tried to use the POST request and add identity to my body request, but still getting the error. This is my function:

async generateEmbedToken(workspaceId: string, reportId: string):Promise<IFetchResponse> { const url = `${this.path}/GenerateToken`;
  const params = {
    groupId: workspaceId,
  const body= {
    accessLevel: "View",
    identities: [
            username: "MyUsername",
            roles: [ "MyRole"],
            datasets: [ "......." ]
return this.http.Post(url,body, params);

Not sure I am on right direction or not. I am seeking for any help or recommendation.

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