Email port global service input variable name is receiving body as content and value is null


I have created a Email port in version 8.0 and 9.8.
and my input variable is object ContentStream.
now when i receive a mail the mail content is text\plan and service input i am getting is
variable name is content of the mail body and like “Hi, please work on webmethods”
and the value of the variable is null.

if we get content type is text/html we are receiving properly like
contentStream = “”.

u can also check the attachment for further reference.

please help me to resove this issue.

I am sorry to say, I didn’t understand your problem. Can you please be more clear.


Thanks for the reply,

please verify the highlighted variable in screenshot i have pasted.

the name of the variable should be input or contentSteeem what ever we declare in input.

but here its showing the the email body as variable name. and value of the variable is null.