Email is not going.

Hi Folks,

Your help is needed.

We have a service which invoke via TN and use SMTP service to send mail. This service now having a problem.

When this service invoke from TN then It is not sending mail’s content but when we put savepipeline and restorepipeline this service is sending mail’s content.Please let me know if anyone faces similar issue and any resolution on that.

We are using WM8.0.


What is the service input of the SMTP processing service bizdoc and do you see that in the pipeline when you restore it?

Also is the rule synchronous or asynchronous?


Thats weird :slight_smile:

Did it work anytime before? From when did you start facing this issue?

Try mapping the inputs again to SMTP service and re-try. If no joy try to trace through the service and have close look at the pipeline data and results.

Let us know the updates after this.

Thanks mate for your reply and sorry for the late response
We extract the document from bizdoc, converting it to xmlString and then extracting content for sending mail with some attachment. Yes we are able see source do in the pipeline.
Processing rule is asynchronous.

Yes it was working earlier. We were able to send mail with attachment and content but however due to unknow reason it is sending mail with attachment but not sending content of that mail.
We checked pipeline content but didn’t find any difference.

However when we use transformer instead of service call to extract content this works fine. This was an alternative but still not having exact solution of that.
Hope sombody else found similar kind of issue.



Please verify the processing rule and position of default processing rule.

I see no issue in sending mail if you are able to send it via restore pipeline.




Thanks for your suggestion.

Verifying processing rule and position, I did in my first initial step.

We are extracting content via xslt service and we refreshed it’s ddic cache also but still no result.



Please try to trace by increasing logging level of logging facilities. I hope you will able to find something.