Email document sent and recieved by WM

Back in 03/2003 a thread was posted through WMusers. It discussed setting up email services and an example was given.

Posted on Saturday, February 28, 2004 - 12:57 pm:

ConnevaEmailExample package (16.5 k)

The service specified in the subject line is NOT kicking off the service. But having worked with EDIINT:recieve I wonder if I have missed a step. My subject line reads

Do emails recieve into TN have there own recieve process?

Thanks in Advance

I am attempting to recieve an email in and have it processed as a flat file. The code I have is from an example published by M Carlson.

The send portion of this works great!

in the subject line we are calling the service to recieve the email but it does not appear to be working. This is what I have done.

  1. I added a pub.flow:restorePipelineFromFile step to my recieveEmailAttachment
  2. In my send process I added a savePipelineToFile
  3. When I try to run the NEW restorePipelineFromFile it says FileNotFound pipeline/pipeline_out.dat which is the name I gave to the saved file.
  4. To add STRANGENESS if I change the filename to an existing xml file I have setting in IS called mess it WILL process it up to the point it tries to press it into flat file format.

Bottom line is I really need help


What is your EMail receiving service input?? Is it contentStream (object)??try with this and for debugging use first step pub.flow:getTransportInfo and then savepipeline step and check the pipeline whats going on behind the scenes.Later you can convert stream/bytes to string