Elastic search and Kibana


We have checked our Kibana in API Gateway dashboard and found “Kibana server is down. Please make sure whether Kibana server is running or not”. And when we restart the API Gateway, Kibana starts up well but after an amount of time it goes down.
No logs in the server.log and APIGateway.log seems to be pointing to Kibana going down. Checked with “netstat”, 9405 seems not to be present.

Tried to check elastic search to see if the problem might be there. Elastic search seems to be up.
Checked the http://:9240/_cluster/health?pretty=true.
found out that status is “yellow” with “unassigned_shards” : 20 and “active_shards_percent_as_number” : 50.0.

Can anyone provide information about this? We would want to know what log file can we check to see why Kibana server is going down.


Hi Mark,

Check the startup.log at \profiles\IS_\apigateway\dashboard. Please send the logs.


Hi Clench,

I have reviewed the logs in the startup.log

“message”:“pid file already exists at kibana.pid”}

I was wondering if this log is giving the problem. Currnetly, we had the API Gateway installed in root.