Editing Pipeline via IE - Slow response


We are currently assessing upgrading from wM6.2 to wM 6.5 and have My webMethods Portal 6.5.2 installed. Both IS and the Portal are installed on the same server.

We have found when we try to “Edit Pipeline” under Internet Explorer V6.0.2, SP1, V6.0.2 SP2, and V7.0.0 it takes a very long time to load up and uses 100% CPU on the client machine, with IE appearing to hang (“Not Responding”). The data we are trying to load up varies from 25K to 40K, however even with no pipeline data stored for that step we see the same effect. The same test is also run using the IE on the server, the response time is slightly better. With no pipeline data stored for that step, it returns immediately however, for 25-40K of data, IE appears to be hanging (“Not Responding”)

We have also run the same tests under Firefox and we have found that the pipeline data is loaded up very quickly by the client.

Unfortunately at this point using Firefox instead of IE is not an option. Is there anything in the webMethods configuration or IE settings that will address this issue.

Thanks in advance

Sorry I was referring from wM 6.1 to 6.5