Edit for resubmit, where is the data?

Our solution is mainly handling flatfiles so I have made a custom resubmit service which is invoked when anyone does resubmit from TN-console or MWS. The custom service expects to get the internal id of the transaction and uses this to extract the TN-parameters and content information of the original transaction and then submits the transaction to TN.

However when someone uses the “Edit for resubmit” function in MWS, very little information is passed in the pipeline (I used pub.flow:savePipelineToFile and pub.flow:restorePipelineFromFile in the resubmit service). In this case I don’t get the internal id, and I would also have expected some sort of InputStream or byte or other reference to the edited data but none of this seems to be in the pipeline.

Anyone who knows how this is supposed to work?

The installation is webMethods version 7.1.2.


As rmg mentioned in this topic on SAG forum, streamed data is not saved by savePipelineToFile service. Had to debug IS itself to examine what inputs are actually passed. The edited flat file content is passed to the resubmit service in “ffdata” pipeline variable as stream. Internal id of the original document is not on the pipeline, but here is how we can get it:

  1. Resubmit the edited document to TN with some set of fixed TN params (TN doctype = resubmitted_document) and return the resubmitted bizdoc to parent service.
  2. Parent service wm.tn.portal.actions:modifyAndResubmit relates the resubmitted bizdoc and original bizdoc.
  3. In the processing service which was triggered by resubmitted_document, extract the modified content and the original related document using wm.tn.doc:view service (getContent = true, getRelated = true).
  4. Extract TN-parms from original bizdoc and once again resubmit the modified content, but now with the original TN-parms.

Hope this workaround will help someone.


We are maintaining this solution, left over by you Kristian. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you time rhm and for adding few more good points here: