Can any one please tell me how different is RNIF when compared to EDIINT?
Is there anything that could be implemented by RNIF and not by EDI?

I’m basically looking for “Why RNIF?”

any answer will really be helpful.


RNIF is a transport which utilizes the basic http protocol. The RNIF transport uses XML and hence uses the simplicity and the power of the XML language.

The RNIF transport acts like a container into which you can put any payload and send it across to your partner with very little changes to your implementation. The transport offers, powerful (yet optional) header and content validation and verfication, error handling, choreography, security (signing and encryption), compression, process error handling and support for single or multiple attachments of unlimited size.

The webMethods RosettaNet solution is the most comprehensive, flexible, sophisticated and yet easiest to configure and maintain among the others that are out there. The webMethods RosettaNet solution is RNIF 2.0 certified and 100% interoperable as certified by RosettaNet itself and external certifying authorities. The solution uses the time tested technology and power of the Integration Server, the extensive partner and document handling capabilities of Trading Networks, the powerful process modeling capabilities of webMethods Modeler, the seamlessly integrated Process Runtime Engine to maintain state information during processing and the field level value editing, resubmission and monitoring capabilities of the webMethods Monitor that is powered by the webMethods Portal.

The webMethods RosettaNet solution gives you the first in class Standards Compliance coupled with Business Integration, Single View of your process and Extensive Analytics.

I hope this helps!

RNIF supports transmission of attachments with the business document.