EDIINT AS2 Setup Issue

Hi All,
I am trying to set up EdIINT AS2 setup with the partner…we exchanged the certificates…I am using webmethods 6.5. I sent the partner .der public certificate and in the return the partner sent me public cert with PKCS#7 format and .der extension.AS a part of setup when i am trying to add the both types of format at the TN Console in the partner’s profile security/decrypt/encrypt tab i am browsing and selecting the partner certificate and it is showing the following error: "Bad Certificate Chain for usage sing: Certificate chain contains only one non-self signed Certificate.

[COLOR=Red]Does anyone have an idea what i am missing in thewhole process would be a great help.

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if your cert is signed by some authority, (verisign for example), you need to extract the intermediate and Root cert files and load it separately in the TN console UI.
Hope this helps.

Hi tongwang,

Thanks for your reply. I already did that…still i am getting the same error as explained in my first post.


Hi all,

I’m trying to send an outbound EDI document via AS2 by using the wm.EDIINT:send service. I have set all the parameters of the service but still i receive the following error

“com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:Unable to get profile(s) from TN”

also the Id type has been already set to TNEXTERNALID

Could you anyone please help?


What IDTypeDesc you have setup? Is it EDIINT AS2 (ExternalID Type)?

Please check the above in the TN sender/receiver profiles and make sure the senderID/Id,receiverID/Id values matches mapped in the EDIINT:send service.


HI rmg,

I did setup as EDIINT AS2.Basically it is not able to retrieve the internal ID.I also made sure that the values are matching as supposed to be…


It sounds you have everything in place,then it should work…Were those profiles are in active state? I dont see any other reason of the failure except the above checks.


we are using EDIINT AS2 communication.In the process we are getting MDN back from customer. some times we are getting Error in the MDN mesage from customers. right now we dont have any notifications in place.Is there any way to get notified in the email or so about those failures so we can be proactive to take care of it.

Any Ideas really appreciated,

You can customize your MDN processing service.
By default, this processing rule is triggered: EDIINT Process MDN Message
and it’s calling: wm.EDIINT.rules:processMDN for MDN handling.
You can create your own service and replace it. In your own service, detect error MDN and send email.
Hope this helps,

Hi Tong,

Thanks a lot for you reply. I am just wondering when you say to create own service could you please elaborate where (at what level my custom sevice) should start?

Start with the existing service: wm.EDIINT.rules:processMDN
read it through to understand what it does. Most likely, you want to keep most of the code in it.
You can make a copy of this service to your own package/directory, and just modify with your own copy.

Then, in the rule, replace the service to trigger with your new service.

Hi Tongwang,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will try and let you know the status.


Customizing EDIINT module services and making a copy of it and use then you cannot avail out of box its built-in functionality…Will that work for you?

Did you talk to SAG wM tech support?


Hi rmg,

Thanks for your concern. No Not yet. I will check with SAG and keep you posted.