EDIINT AS2 processed/error: authentication-failed


I had setup an example EDIINT scenario on my IS/TN with EDI 9.0 and EDIINT

i’m sending an EDIINT Message from my EDIINT Sender partner using wm.EDIINT.send with
SMIME type signed to EDIINT Receiver on the same IS.

Message was sent successfully. (see fullmsg.txt)

But in TN on transaction page i see the following error:
MDN Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; processed/error: authentication-failed

I added the public certificates in TN partner profile of receiver in Sign/Verify tab.

Using OpenSSL verification is OK. (see screenshot openssl_verification).

Also validity check with openSSL on Cert and Private key went OK. There is no difference in Modulus.

In the AS2MDNUrl i set :

Any ideas what this message means and how to get this error solved ?


fullmsg.txt (4.22 KB)

Did you try send the AS2 request to another IS which has EDIINT and receive setup?

I believe you need to upload the certs to the Decrypt/Encrypt tab as well on both sender/receiver profiles.