EDI inbound encoding issue

Hi All,

At the moment I’m working on an integration with Integration Server 9.8, with the EDI packages installed. I’m trying to get an EDI message in that holds certain special characters like ë and ö.
I have only achieved success with the manual input in MWS, Submit Document. The result is different when I process it true out wm.tn:receive. Also when I add the EDI with wm.tn.doc:addContentPart it shows up in TN with the special characters.

Can anybody help me getting special characters in by using the wm.tn:receive service??

Some additional information to complete the story, the property in the EDI module is as following EDIencoding=iso-8859-1. See also the print screens in the attachment(i could only add 3 attachments so i have copied and pasted some print screens together). If you would like to get more information just ask!