EDI Documents Sent Outbound from a Database

wm6.0 I have written a package that generates an outbound 820. It works fine. However, I do not want to Schedule this. I want it to kick off after the A/P Checks have been ran. I have tried putting just the ISA GS data out to the listener directory and it will process that file it refuses to kick off the 820. What ever I put out there that is what it wants to process.

Operationally I want it to

  1. wait until A/P sends a file to the listener that will touch off the 820 process.
  2. I want the 820 data to come from our database just as the package handles it now. With no depends on flat file or complex stream of data.

Hi 500chill,
we are in the process of doing what you were asking above. Would you please give me some insight on what you did to remedy the above?