EDI 832 vs EDI 888 + 879 + 878


Is it possible to just use EDI 832 instead of using three separate transactions (EDI 888, EDI 879 and 878) for item and price maintenance add/changes ?

If not, please advise the benefit of using three separate transactions.

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I have the same question. We are trying to use the 832 for this, but I am questioning if this is the right choice.

832 is for price/sales catalogs (e-store) and I don’t think it will be useful for price/item maintenance:

Used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to furnishing or requesting the price of goods or services in the form of a catalog.

May be you have to use what ever existing mentioned above or EDI Analyst can give you more insights:



Thanks RMG for the update.
Outcome of our research:

If you are trying to automate the process of onboarding new items through a Supplier, it is difficult to use EDI 832 as it does not provide Authorization/DeAuthorization codes. You may end up using some Ref or other segments.

EDI 832 – Can be used to exchange the whole Price/Sales Catalog from the Supplier
EDI 888 – If you want to get update from the supplier on Item Attribute (not price related attributes) changes
EDI 879 – If you have different stores in a region and you want the supplier to provide different prices for the same item, this transaction is more ideal.
EDI 878 – Specifically used to inform Supplier either to authorize (for procurement and supply to stores) or de-authorize an item.

Hope I am clear.


Yes you are in the right direction: