eclipse plug-in with developer


From the Innovation World 2008, learned that we can use eclipse plug-in for flow services development from 7.1.2 version.

Just wondering if anyone can help in configuring eclipse, so that I can do all the development in eclipse. Couldn’t find any documentation in Advantage site.

Any help is appreciated.


I am sorry, but as i know this feature will come with webMethods 7.2 version.

Thanks for pulling this up. I also surely want to know this.

The Eclipse-based Developer is part of the 7.2 release which has not yet, as of Nov 2008, entered FCS.

The pre-release version we saw at IW 2008 was pretty rough. No ability to edit java services (what?! it’s Eclipse!), no ability to edit adapter services, mapping lines did not seem to support indexes or conditional mapping (at least not intuitively).


My understanding is that It is scheduled to come with 8.0. I looked at the 8.0 Demo and even in that version Developer is not completely Integrated to be used with Eclipse. I am not sure when they included this in 7.2 (did not see a demo yet).

You do not have to wait until v8.0 to get (many) of the Developer capabilities in Designer.

Designer v7.2 is scheduled to be FCS (First Customer Ship) in mid-December 2008 and will likely be GA (Generally Available) in first quarter 2009. You will need to upgrade to wM 7.1.2 if you want to use Designer 7.2.
Yes, it’s true that Designer 7.2 won’t have all of the capabilities in Developer but it will have many of the capabilities. Even though Designer 7.2 won’t have the OOTB ability to create a new wM Java Service from right-clicking the mouse button (like in Developer) you can still create wM Java Services in Designer (just like we have been doing in Eclipse for the past few years).
Designer 8.0 will have more capabilities…and so on, and so on… So stay tuned!

Mark: I have confirmed that you can do conditional mapping (and index mapping) on lines within a MAP step with Designer 7.2. (How do I know? Well, I’m currently using Designer 7.2 :slight_smile: ). It seems pretty intuitive to me :slight_smile: (no worse than Developer anyway :slight_smile: )


Java service development in current Developer is not even to the level of a good text control. How is it that you can’t improve upon that within an Eclipse plugin. This is a baffling design decision.

Good. The engineer demonstrating it to me at IW could not figure it out, so maybe what I was seeing was an even earlier build.

Thanks for reporting in,


Hi Mark, it was good seeing you at IW.

I totally agree that the Java editor in Developer (And I use the term “Editor” very loosely) is very weak. I know wM Designer will (eventually) offer a faster way to create wM Java services versus having to go through the steps mentioned in the Developer’s User Guide (e.g. section: Building Java Services with Your Own IDE). It just happens that “your own IDE” is Designer :slight_smile: Both you and I have been doing this for years with Eclipse :slight_smile:
I wasn’t expecting to see any of the wM Developer capabilities in wM Designer until release 8.0, so it’s a nice bonus to see Designer 7.2 with many of the Developer capabilities.
I know it’s not perfect yet but it will get there. Remember what is was like with the wM pre-v6 platform? Many different IDEs (Enterprise Integrator, wM Developer, TN console, etc, etc…, etc…).