Each screen is displayed on web when a path is executed.

I have invoked a path using gx_ExecPath(“Path_name

Dear Kumar,

afraid we were unable to reproduce your problem here. Could you please send a .gxar file (with the gct, configuration and with the entities) so we can reproduce your problem?



Hi Tanya,
I have attached the gct and gxz file. I tried to replicate the problem using this gct and gxz file but I was not getting an error on web. But when I tried it in online mode I got the error on web. You also need to be connected online in order to reproduce the problem. I am providing this gct and gxz so that you can refer it and try to replicate the error by making your own screens, path and transformation. The following steps need to be done.

  1. Record 6 to 7 screens in mainframe through Applinx.
  2. Create a path (e.g. Path A) which takes you from source screen to
    target screen.
  3. Now create a button on your source screen using transformation and
    this button will call the path (Path A).
  4. Create a Dynamic Web Project in J2EE perspective which will point to
    your created Repository.
  5. Run the application, go to your source screen and click on the button.
    You will get this problem.

Few other points that I want to tell you which may help you to resolve this problem. After you import this gxz file, you will find 2 path’s “Path_Recorded_from_Creditinq_to_acctinq
Error.zip (33.5 KB)

The same thing(one intermediate screen getting displayed on web) is found when I use the following code to reach the target screen.

GXSendKeysRequest req = new GXSendKeysRequest("[pf12][pf12]3[enter][pf11]");


it would be helpful to see the error you get. Can you please send a log/screenshot - anything that would give an idea not only on what you did but also what happened.