Dynamic linking using pipeline variables

Hi All,

I want to use a pipeline variable for linking to an array. The wm developer users guide says that in the link properties next to index column of the o/p put the pipeline variable between %.

My pipeline variable is Count and in the index field of o/p I have given %Count% , but it is not working.

I tried hard coding the value as say 2 then in the o/p I get the o/p repeated 3 times and the value of the i/p in the third occurance of o/p.

Why the dynamic linking using pipeline variable is not working?


I don’t think you can use variable substitution for the index property of an indexed link.

If the input is an array too, this would normally be done by using a loop and specifying both the Input and Output Arrays.

Is the input an array too?

You can still use indexed links if your input is in a few discreet fields, but you will need multiple links, each with a different index property.


Hi all,

It is possible to use a variable substitution for the index property of an indexed link. I have tried it and it works.

Make sure that your variable “count” is present in the pipeline at least one step before it is used. If you have “count” in the same mapping step then it will not accept it and yout output array variable will show “null”.

Hope it helps!


Thanks Vineet. I also had the same issue before and now was able to use properly.