Dynamic document references


iam currently working on a service using different documents.

For keeping the service generic i only want to setup new documents and reference them dynamic for input and pipeline use without editing the service everytime i set up a new document.

The documentnames will be stored in an sql-database, so i always get the name of the document needed. But how to reference these documents?

Any experiences with such problems or maybe an idea for solving these problems?

Thanks in advance.


Document references are a design-time thing. You wouldn’t need to create a document reference at run-time (i.e. dynamically) just so you can’t manipulate a document of a certain type. Under the covers, all documents are the same: an IData Java object. Please see Rob’s explanation in this recent post: [URL]wmusers.com

Having said all this, can I make one suggestion? Keep it simple. Many times, making services/applications so generic can actually be counter-productive because they become hard to understand, debug, and maintain.

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