Duplicate documents by XML adapter-Urgent please

We are using jdedwards XPI(Webemethods 4.5) and XML adpater to process salesordermanageNotify events.
Whenever an XML message comes into the queue,duplicate salesordermanagenoify events/docuemnts are getting genearted.Due to which duplicate orders are gtting created in target application.
We are facing this issue only on staging environment which we have configured recently.

Any help is appreicated.

We had same issue. the problem is the setup in JDE adapter. You have to specify which JDE RTE name on the adapter and some changes need to be made in JDE.ini on server and interoprate.ini on WM server.

Could you please tell me what are the changes to be made.

But JDE adapter is not coming into the picture.As soon as XML adpater consumed a xml message(a file) three salesordermanagenotify events are seen in document tracker.