Duplicate Document detection not working in TN

We have a scenario where we may receive the Duplicate documents while resubmitting the Process Instance. We have to eliminate the duplicate documents in TN and it should not be routed to the Customer.

Hence we tried using the Pre-Processing Action “Check for Duplicate Document” in TN doc type. Whenever the same Doc-id comes into TN, TN Checks for the duplicate and throws the error, TN is throwing the error as expected. But even if we have the Criteria "Recognition errors = Has no errors set in the Processing Rule, whenever the duplicate document enters TN, the action (Execution of Service) is happening which shld not happen. The document status is DONE W/ERRORS due to duplicate doc but the action of that rule is getting executed.

Please advise. Is it means that we have to handle this duplication error in my service invoked by the action of the rule or To go for a Customized service for duplicate checking.



‘Recognition Errors’ does not work in conjuction with ‘Duplicate Document Checking’. According to TN Users Guide "Another criterion you can use in a processing rule is whether Trading Networks encountered errors while recognizing the TN document type and extracting attributes from the document. (This criterion does not allow you to process documents based on
errors that occur while performing the pre-processing or processing actions. This is because Trading Networks uses criteria before processing to determine the processing rule to use for processing.).

However, “Trading Networks saves the results of the duplicate check to the pipeline. As a result, this information is available for use in the processing actions that you define in the processing rule.”.

So you do need to handle the duplicate in the service invoked by the Processing Rule. You probably don’t need a customized service for duplicate checking as TN returns the results of the duplicate check and this should be available in the pipeline for your use.

Thanks a lot Tillmanm. Now I am handling the unique checkness in my deliveryservice with the help of getEvents service.