Dtd from documenttype

Hello All,

I’ve to deploy an architecture to log the document-type published in webMethods environment. This solution, for every event-type published write an xml file on file-system (using an integration component running on xml-adapter). To log different documents-type, there will be different integration component and different dtd file. To test the solution I’ve wrote manually one dtd, but I’ve to log about 100 documents, so I’ve to write 100 dtd files!!! Someone knows an application/code to extract from one document-type the right dtd file??

Thanks in advance

My platform is: webMethods Enterprise Broker Server 5.01 and Enterprise Adapter Server 4.1.1

Why don’t you just use the IS to sub the document and write to the filesystem.
You may have a lot of triggers, but beats manually create those dtds.