[DSP] Controls visibility based on ACL's

Hi all,

I’m struggling with a DSP page feature. I want to make some of the controls visible only for users with certain permissions/ACL.
What I came up with so far is writing a flow service that will check current user ACL and determine whether his permitted to certain content or not. It’ll probably return true/false values which can be later used in a simple loop in the dsp page code.

Now, the problem is how to check the permission to a certain page from a flow service? I think the input should include current user name and dsp page name. Based on that it will determine the permissions…. unfortunately those are saved in the .access file…

Any ideas?

Or maybe there are other/better/dedicated ways to do that?

Many thanks in advance for your help :wink:

instead of checking certain page’s control from flow service, you can call a user group checking service at the begining of the DSP, with the groups in the pipeline, you can decide if or not show certains controls.

Yes, that’s what i came up with next, but now I’m looking for a way to get users ACL groups from flow service?

Working on it :wink: