DSF Batch DLOG Installation


Does anyone know of a way of automating the installation of a DSF DLOG area which can be used in batch?

I have a process that performs various bits of maintenance on a database (basically reformatting the database as a different device type). All the functions can be done in batch except the final installation of the DLOG which has to be done manually through SYSAOS (as far as I know).

If the DLOG installation could be done in batch the whole process could be fully automated, which would be very helpful as I need to do this on many databases.

Any ideas anyone?


Hi Garry,

To my knowledge there are no dedicated batch functions to do this.

But a possibility could be to run SYSAOS in batch and stack through the menus.

I think I in the past have run SYSAOS in batch but for sure I have not done the DSF stuff from there.